Zaragoza, February 24th, 2016.

Dibbiopack project final conference
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the presentation of the final results of the European Project Dibbiopack, to be held in Zaragoza on the February 24 in the CaixaForum Congress Centre. 19 partners from 10 countries have been involved in this project for 4 years under the coordination of Aittip Technological Centre.

This important event, open to all, brings four years of intensive work to a close. This initiative, with a 7.8 million euro budget, provides solutions to the challenges posed by the necessary transition towards new non-petroleum-based manufactured packaging. In particular the main objective of Dibbiopack was the development of smart and multifunctional bioplastics (bio-based, compostable and biodegradable) for 3 relevant industries (food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical). This project has allowed the formulation and manufacture of compostable and biodegradable materials with enhanced properties adapted to the industrial use, such as films with anti-microbial and barrier-enhanced properties, bottles for pharmaceutical use, cosmetic packaging or food trays. Among their properties we find biodegradable labels and oxygen sensors that provide information on the state of their content. In short, a great step in the bioplastics sphere, a sector expected to experience a 20% annual growth in the short term and that we want to share with all our stakeholders.


The congress will be split in two different parts, the first one will be held at CaixaForum where we will show project results. In the afternoon a visit to Aitiip facilities will be organised to see the pilot plant and demonstrators. Translation services will be provided.

9.00h Acreditation

9.35h Opening and interventions by the authorities and institutions

  • Berta Gonzalvo Bas, Aitiip Research Director
  • Carlos Toledo, CDTI-MINECO
  • Lucia Iñigo Paarmann, Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
  • Mathias Lucas, Dibbiopack Research Programme Officer, European Commission.
  • Juan Manuel Blanchard, Aitiip President
  • Pilar Alegría, Regional Minister for Innovation, Research & University, Government of Aragon

10.15h Project results

  • Patrizia Cinelli, INSTM. Materials research and results
  • Sabine Amberg-Schwab, FRAUNHOFFER ISC. NUIG. Sustainable functional coatings for future packaging – barrier and antimicrobial coatings.
  • Gearóid Ó Laighin, NUIG. Oxygen RFID sensor
  • Vesna Žepič, TECOS. Improved processes
  • Víctor Peinado, AITIIP. Demonstrators: food tray, cosmetic jar and pharmaceutical bottle
  • Anka Traikovska, PLASMA

12.15h Coffee break

12.35h Biomaterials and innovative and smart packaging on the industry

  • Leyre Quibus, NUREL-INZEA biopolymers
  • Jonathan Hewitt, INNOVIA FILMS
  • Georgios Tsastos, COSMETIC
  • Lidia García, TECNOPACKAGING

14.10h Lunch networking

15.10h Demonstration on AITIIP's facilities: Pilot lines.

17.00h End of the conference.

Bioplastics, a great opportunity for Europe

A sector with many environmental, technological, market and regulatory challenges but poised to grow by at least 20% a year over the next few years.

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Smart packaging, at the core of the Dibbiopack European Project

It has primarily aimed at the development of multifunctional smart-packaging from biopolymers.

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  We show our developed research and materials, the manufacturing processes, antimicrobial barriers and improved barrier properties, oxygen RFID sensor, demonstrators ...

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  They will be with us representatives of MINECO-CDTI, CE, DGA, NUREL-INZEA, Innovia Films, COSMETIC ... and 19 project partners.  

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More information about the conference: José Andrés López jal@aitiip.com
Aitiip Centro Tecnológico, Polígono Industrial Empresarium, Calle Romero Nº12, 50720 Zaragoza | Tel: +34 976 464544