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3D printing

  • First edition of the SAM project e-newsletter

    Funded by Erasmus +, the Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing Project (SAM) tackles the current European need of developing an effective system that identifies and anticipates the right skills for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) sector

  • Get acquainted with the latest 3D printing technologies in Advanced Factories

    The Kraken machine: an all-in-one machine for multi-material additive and subtractive manufacturing for big parts (20*6*3m) can do that.

  • Keramik

    The KerAMik project aims to research and develop new ceramic materials (clay materials, frits, pigments, oxides, etc.) particles, and their combination with other materials (polymers, additives, etc.).

  • Kraken

    Development of injection and blow extrusion molded biodegradable and multifunctional packages by nanotechnology: improvement of structural and barrier properties, smart features and sustainability 

  • KRAKEN final conference

    On 25 September 2019 the KRAKEN project will organise its final conference at the AITIIP facilities in Zaragoza (Spain). Those attending the event will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest hybrid and Additive Manufacturing technology for big parts and the main achievements of the KRAKEN project.

  • KRAKEN Project presented first results at the International Conference on Additive Manufacturing

    During EMO Hannover 2017, KRAKEN supported the “International Conference on Additive Manufacturing” and presented the latest developments within the project.

  • Liliam

    LIfelong Learning In Additive Manufacturing.

  • New training project on 3Dprinting starting today!

    We are very proud to announce that today Liliam (LIfelong Learning In Additive Manufacturing) project has been launched in Milan at Politecnico di Milano (project coordinator' facilities). There kick of meeting is being celebrated with other 8 partners.

  • Paim3D

    Polimeric advanced materials for 3D printing technologies.

  • Pere Castell visit KICET facilities in Korea

    Developing new ceramic materials particles and their combination with other materials for 3D printing processes can be complicated due to the non-plastic core of the material.

  • Project Barbara is showcased at the Bioeconomy Day in Brussels

    The emerging bioeconomy is moving from research niche to market norm and Europe needs to maintain its current global leadership. The High Level Bioeconomy conference focus on the need to have a sustainable and circular bioeconomy to enhance the transition in a changed EU policy context and towards a new environmental, social and economic reality.

  • Resin 3D printing with Kraken system

    In the framework of the Kraken Project, which is lead from Aitiip Technology Center, we have made some advances that we would like to show you. In this case and as you can see in the video, we have built a resin "cake" using 3D printing using the Kraken system.

  • SAM

    Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing

  • The BARBARA project, finalist in the EARTO 2021 Innovation Awards

    The European BARBARA project, led by AITIIP, has been a finalist in the 2021 Innovation Awards. An annual event organized by the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations (EARTO) where a jury of experts selects the best research projects.

  • The Spanish Ministre for Science, Innovation and Universities inagurate an exposition in which Aitiip participates with a 3Dprinted motorbike

    This vehicle, designed and developed jointly with the EUPT BIKES team, was selected by the organization as an example of conjugation of facilitating technologies.

  • We are at CEPprint3D

    Berta Gonzalvo (R&D Director) and Guillermo Vicente (3D printing area responsible) have participated in CEPprint3D conference with a lecture named “Innovative materials: specific requirements and printing strategies”.

  • We are launching a project about biobased 3D printing for the automotive sector

    The BARBARA project aims to develop new bio-based materials with innovative functionalities through the incorporation of additives coming from bio-mass so that, by means of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), - the most widely spread technology for 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) - prototypes with industrial applications can be obtained.

  • We participated in the Prototype Technology Meeting of SEAT

    The SEAT Development Prototyping Center (CPD) hosted last March 23, 2017 the second Prototype Technology Meeting in SEAT.

  • Yesterday BARBARA project closed with a Conference broadcasted live from AITIIP

    The European project BARBARA has achieved its goal by finishing the research and production of new high-performance bio-based materials from food which have been used to manufacture prototypes for the automotive and construction sectors.