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RDI projects

Improve the sustainability and circularity of complex products made of hightech advanced multi-material composite thermoset and thermoplastic structures, by developing novel circular biobased alternative materials

Technologies for recycling wind turbine composite materials

Circular economy and thermoset composites sustainability

Welding Equipment for optimised, fast and accurate LongituDinal barrel joint closurRe

Be A COmpetence Now. Beacons for Incidental Learning.

Additive Manufacturing academy to boost Trainers’ compEtenCes in industry.

The power of evolved ancestral enzymes to solve plastic sustainability.

Systemic Innovations for a SusTainable reduction of the EuRopean food waStage

Worker-Centric Programing Tools for free Designing of Lightweight Aluminium-Based Products.

Improving recyclability of thermoset composite materials through a greener recycling technology based on reversible biobased bonding materials.