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  • Aitiip and the new Horizon Europe

    "Horizon Europe" is celebrating its anniversary. The main EU funding initiative for research and innovation has just completed one lifetime year and the Centre for the Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), in collaboration with the European Commission and the spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, has organized the 11th Conference of the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, which Aitiip has attended as one of the Spanish Technology Centres that contribute to the construction of a "New Horizon for Europe".

  • AITIIP develops a robotic system to dismantle and recycle composite materials from the aircrafts of the future

    AITIIP Technology Centre leads HELACS, a European project which aims to develop a dual methodology of controlled comprehensive dismantling in order to make possible the classification, recycling and reuse of aircraft parts made of thermoset and thermoplastic composites that have reached their end of life. Annually, the aeronautical industry is depositing more than 40,000 tons of end-of-life composite material waste in landfills. Thanks to the recovery of materials, the technology proposed by HELACS will benefit the change towards an energy efficiency model.

  • Aragon starts dismantling its first Airbus A380

    Aircraft decommissioning and recycling is a multi-disciplinary process, with environmental, operational, safety, legal and economic aspects. The number of aircraft retirements has been increasing steadily over the last decades.

  • Dummy Tool, the future of industrial robot programming system

    From some time now, robot teaching process was led by two techniques, always based on the displacement of the robot itself.

  • Funguschain comes to an end! Watch the Project Final Conference

    On April the 14th of 2021, FUNGUSCHAIN project held its Online (Live) Final Conference, wich had a hundred of virtual atendees.


    HELACS: Holistic processes for the cost-effective and sustainable management of End of Life of Aircraft Composite Structures.

  • HELACS, at the Plastic Recycling Show Europe

    This year, the HELACS project has been present at the stand of Aitiip Centro Tecnológico, during its participation in PRSE 2022.

  • HELACS, leading PLATA’s workshop on innovations in the aeronautic industry

    This July, Teruel Airport (PLATA) organised an interesting workshop at its facilities, which brought together dozens of representatives from the Spanish aeronautical sector.

  • HELACS, starring in Advanced Factories 2022

    Advanced Factories reaffirms, once again, its position within the industrial panorama in southern Europe. It is already a benchmark event in the innovation calendar, and this 2022 has consolidated its success.

  • HELACS, Transforming the dissmantling process of the next generation of aircrafts

    The HELACS project has recently completed one year of life. During this time, the consortium partners have been making progresses in their research and in the development of novel robotics to recycle composite materials of large components. In this way, HELACS is consolidated as a revolutionary alternative to the problem of the end of life of this type of aircraft components, facilitating their recyclability and, therefore, making their recovery and reuse possible. helacs paves the way towards the green transition, which is now the main goal of Europe’s aviation industry.

  • INN-PAEK develops a 100% recyclable & lighter thermoplastic flange wheel for future aeronautics

    The development of a technology that allows the manufacture of flange wheels for the cooling systems of the aeronautics with 100% recyclable materials

  • INN-PAEK goes through the insert testing stage

    As times goes, INN-PAEK team is making progresses within the geometries project research. Ten months after the project kick off, the INN-PAEK consortium is now preparing to start the testing stage with the required inserts manufacture the Flange Wheel demonstrator.

  • INN-PAEK starts the insert testing stage

    Ten months after the project kick off, the INN-PAEK consortium is now preparing to start the testing stage with the required inserts manufacture the Flange Wheel demonstrator.

  • New Version! Get the HELACS’s updated brochure

    As the project moves forward, there is also advances in the dissemination material. Here you can get the new version of the HELACS’s brochure.

  • Now available the HELACS brochure!

    You can now download the official HELACS project brochure. A project comes to transform the dismantling process of the aircraft of the future. HELACS employs novel robotics to recycle composite materials of large components. The HELACS process is based on the application of high water pressure that will selectively chop the thermoset parts into a dimension suitable for recycling. In addition, the pyrolysis process is used for the carbonization of the thermoset matrix to reuse the carbon fibers that overcome this chemical decomposition.

  • PRESS RELEASE VIBES: A Green Chemistry Recycling Solution

    PRESS RELEASE: The use of composite materials has gained interest in recent years due to their properties such as high mechanical strength, good chemical resistance and long durability, light weight and corrosion resistance.

  • Prestigious scientists debate the recycling of future composite materials at Composiforum

    A more sustainable future thanks to the recycling of composites was discussed yesterday in Zaragoza at the 3rd edition of Composiforum, an international forum that brings together scientists and experts from research centres, universities and leading companies from several European countries.


    Valorization and prevention of plastic waste in the Mediterranean Sea

  • Remedies for the future of our oceans through deploying plastic litter valorisation and prevention pathways

    National Institute of Chemistry, in cooperation with 21 pan-European and 1 organisation from Africa started an ambitious innovation action project, “REMEDIES - Co-creating strong uptake of REMEDIES for the future of our oceans through deploying plastic litter valorisation and prevention pathways’.