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Aitiip shines at CBESF23 with its diorams on thermosetting plastics recycling technologies

Aitiip's team of scientists and technologists travelled to Brussels to participate in the 2023 edition of the CBE Stakeholders Forum.

A prestigious European meeting that brings together the best solutions in bio-based materials that are currently at the forefront of R+D+i. Aitiip has been one of the technological centers protagonists of the event, to present the innovations that it is carrying out, together with its corresponding consortia, in the framework of the VIBES and Bizente projects.

Thus, Aitiip has shown through a set of LEGO diagrams, each of the phases involved in the processes developed in both projects, whose objective is to offer a sustainable solution to the end of life of thermosetting compounds. It has been two intense days of networking and conferences, in which representatives of the most cutting-edge innovation have strengthened synergies to reinforce strategies for the present and future societies of the European Union.


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