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Carolina Peñalva, Aitiip packaging responsible, participated at Hispack 2018

Hispack, which attracts 800 direct exhibitors, is the Spanish biggest fair about packaging and it deals with the materials, technology, processes, logistics and solutions for manufacturing and the use of all types of packaging and containers for all industrial sectors and mass consumption markets - not just food.

Mesa redonda Hispack

In this fair, Carolina Peñalva participated in the “Resource round table” within the Sustainability Challenge by Hispack, chaired by EIG and shared with Futarama & Planta de Compostatge Granollers. In this round table Carolina Peñalva presented Aitiip projects and innovations related with biolaminated solutions to substitute conventional flexible plastic packaging. In this sense, HyperBioCoat, Citruspack, Circpack and Funguschain solutions were showed to the audience.

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