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RDI projects

Be A COmpetence Now. Beacons for Incidental Learning.

Additive Manufacturing academy to boost Trainers’ compEtenCes in industry.

The power of evolved ancestral enzymes to solve plastic sustainability.

Systemic Innovations for a SusTainable reduction of the EuRopean food waStage

Worker-Centric Programing Tools for free Designing of Lightweight Aluminium-Based Products.

Improving recyclability of thermoset composite materials through a greener recycling technology based on reversible biobased bonding materials.

Develop Engaging Massive Open Online Resources for Designers Innovative Education

Integrating Lean and industry 4.0 in vocational training: A design tool for educational games based on "learn by doing".

Mining Microbes and Developing Advanced Production Platform for Novel Enzymes to Rapidly Unleash Xylans’ Potential In a Scope Of Products For the Consumer Merket

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