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RDI projects

UPSURGE - City-centered approach to catalyze nature-based solutions through the EU Regenerative Urban Lighthouse for pollution alleviation and regenerative development.

LIVE-MIRROR - Self-correcting mirrors for use in the next generation of large optical telescopes.

Disruptive helicopter of the future

Reforzar la excelencia científica y la capacidad de innovación en tecnologías de procesado de polímeros.

Improve the sustainability and circularity of complex products made of hightech advanced multi-material composite thermoset and thermoplastic structures, by developing novel circular biobased alternative materials

BIOcomposites in smart plastics transformation processes

Valorization and prevention of plastic waste in the Mediterranean Sea

Aragon Regional Hub for Circularity: Circular Flows for Solid Waste in the Urban Environment

Cooperative business models for bio-based chains in rural areas

Regional project development assistance for the uptake of an Aragonese circular economy