P.I. Empresarium C/Romero Nº12, 50720 Cartuja Baja, Zaragoza (España)
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Any industry with an intensive use of plastic or metal will find in us the best allied for materials and processes optimisation.

Industrial services

Advanced materials

We develop plastic, metal or hybrid products for every sector, since small pieces for house appliances or lighting to windmill blades. We optimize processes efficiency through research and development of advanced solutions and development of new materials.

3D printing and auxiliary services

We create prototypes for trials, wind tunnel, monitoring, mock ups and aesthetics models. We design and manufacture auxiliary tools for manufacturing processes, like tooling, tools & bedplate.

Mechatronics and robotics applied to different processes

We offer industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturing process, setting up commercial robots to execute trimming, cutting, polishing, milling, welding, drilling, roughing and coating application tasks.

“Design of a new geometry and research on PCM to increase the efficiency of the energy collection”

Solar collector

“Mould fabrication and windmill blade manufacturing in composite”

Windmill blade

“New materials for a better looking pieces”

Aestethic finishing

“High precision robotisation of a composite beam finishing 15 meters long”

Automatization of mechanization



Do you have any doubt?

Whatever sector or product with an intensive plastic or metal use looking for an answer to a technical challenge will find in Aitiip a solution.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

I am David Roba, director for the area of industrial Aitiip Technology Centre.