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New materials

We develop the material you are looking for with the features you need.


Lightening, mechanical properties such as resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, antibacterial effect, phase change, luminescence and aesthetic effects are characteristics that, as well as the combination of several functionalities is what is expected of the new plastic products.

Nano - micro technology

We select and modify nanoadditives, micro and macro particles of different nature to confer the desired properties on plastic materials (thermoplastics, thermoset, biobased and biodegradable). We offer our expertise in CNTs carbon nanotubes, graphene, antimicrobials and bactericides, short, long and continuous fibers, and in all kinds of additives.

Biobased and biodegradable

We are experts in bioplastic materials as well as their processability in the different processing. We can achieve biodegradability and compostability in your products.

Circular economy: waste recovery

We value waste of both agricultural and urban origin in new products in different value chains, improving their reuse and recyclability through efficient and sustainable processes.

Do you have any doubt?

In Aitiip we can develop this plastic material that can add value to your product.

I am Pere Castell, responsible for the development of materials and nanomaterials.