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Plastics processing

More than 20 years of experience in the transformation of plastic guarantee us.


In our injection workshop we have available to our customers injectors with closing capacity from 85t to 4,000t. The injectors are equipped with the latest technologies available: MuCell supercritical fluids, LFT-G long fiber injection, GAIM gas assisted injection, WAIM water assisted injection, film injection, compression injection, sequential injection, bi-material injection...

Blown Extrusion

We have technologies of transformation of hollow bodies such as bottles and air ducts with 6kN to 850 kN and fully automated processes for all types of thermoplastics.


Ideal for free shapes and curves, plating and prototyping. Max. Piece 482 x 432 mm.

Film blowing

Equipment for film blowing, with two screw extruders. From one to three layers, bimaterial, maximum bubble diameter of 400mm.

Do you have any doubt?

In Aitiip we have the necessary infrastructure for the manufacture of your plastic product.

I am Victor Rivera, manager of Aitiip Technological Center and responsible for the plastic processing workshop.