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Aitiip Technology Center (Spain) and CTplas (Uruguay) sign a collaboration agreement

Today, the international collaboration agreement between the two technological entities of plastic, Aitiip Centro Tecnológico (Zaragoza, Spain) and CTplas (Montevideo, Uruguay) was formalized. The agreement aims to boost the opportunities for development of the Uruguayan plastic industry and innovation.

The relationship between the two entities began in November 2016, when a delegation from the Uruguayan center visited Aitiip facilities in Zaragoza. In that visit, Aitiip showed its model of center based on the offer of technological services and innovation to the companies.

"The Aitiip center model allowed us to visualize a path for the construction of services oriented to the industry, where we confirmed that it is essential to start from the available capacities and to identify at regional and international level those organizations of reference that can complement them. Therefore, we understand that Aitiip plays an elementary role for the consolidation of CTplas betting on the construction and complementation of services that promote the productive development of the sector through training, complementary services and projects of innovation and joint development," said Agustín Tassani, President of CTplas.

Berta Gonzalvo, Director of Research at Aitiip, said: "This agreement helps strengthen the ties of collaboration with Latin America, where Uruguay, along with Chile and El Salvador, are three countries in which we have detected a great interest in the introduction of new technologies as well as demand for training."

In this sense, both entities have expressed their desire to increase their joint projects, especially in the field of intelligent and innovative packaging, where Aitiip has several international research projects underway.


The Plastic Technology Center was created in 2015 to respond to the technological development and innovation needs of companies in the Uruguayan plastic sector. CTplas is the result of three years of identification of technological needs and problems of companies.

CTplas aims to consolidate the sustainable development of the Uruguayan plastic industry through the provision of technological services that allow incorporating innovation, training and technology transfer in companies, taking into account aspects of competitiveness and environmental impact.

The members of the CTplas are the Uruguayan Association of Plastic Industries (AUIP), the Uruguayan Technological Laboratory (LATU), the Ricaldoni Foundation (Faculty of Engineering, Udelar) and the Chamber of Industries of Uruguay in co-financing with the National Research Agency And Innovation (ANII).


Aitiip is a technology center that focuses on innovation and experimental development. Directed and managed by a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, it focuses on the creation of new plastic materials, biobased and nanocomposites, the development and implementation of flexible and automated manufacturing processes, as well as the design of innovative products adapted to the needs of the Customer and an increasingly demanding market.

The mission of the center is to accompany all types of companies, regardless of their size, in the evolution of their business and help them to successfully complete their projects. To do this, it provides solutions in all processes of the value chain, from concept, design and computer simulation, prototyping, 3D printing (has one of the largest and complete 3D printing workshops in Europe), The creation of hybrid and advanced tools and molds, to the transformation, verification and control processes prior to industrialization.

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