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  • Aitiip and the new Horizon Europe

    "Horizon Europe" is celebrating its anniversary. The main EU funding initiative for research and innovation has just completed one lifetime year and the Centre for the Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), in collaboration with the European Commission and the spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, has organized the 11th Conference of the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, which Aitiip has attended as one of the Spanish Technology Centres that contribute to the construction of a "New Horizon for Europe".

  • Aitiip attends the 2022 European Food & Beverage Pakcaging Summit

    Aitiip Technology Center has traveled to Antwerp (Belgium) to participate in the 2022 edition of the ACI European Food & Beverage Pakcaging Summit. An important event that has brought together the main players of the food, packaging and circular economy sector, and in which networking is one of the key identifiers.

  • Aitiip develops an AI tool to optimize human-robot collaboration in industrial production

    Among the different lines of research in which Aitiip Technology Centre is involved, advanced robotics and the development of innovative cognitive precision systems aimed at improving the automation of production in industrial environments stands out.

  • Aitiip hosts the III Steering Comitee Meeting of its project Bioeconomy Ventures

    Business relations have been the core at Aitiip Technology Center during this week, as the technology center has received several members of the Bioeconomy Ventures project consortium, who have traveled to Zaragoza to hold their third Steering Committee Meeting.

  • Aitiip joins the European RESOURCE project to seek funding from Aragon to promote circular economy initiatives

    Aitiip Technology Centre reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sustainability, betting on initiatives of high differential value, which reinforce both poles of progress within the regional, national and international economic and industrial fabric.

  • Bizente

    The target of the project is to develop a new technology based on the use of mutated enzymes from the family of the ligninases to carry out the degradation of thermostable composites based on epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins in order to resolve their current end-of-life issues.

  • Bizente Project Press Release

    Today all partners of Bizente project met online for the project´s kick off meeting. They aim to recycle thermostable composites from construction, aviation and automotive sectors amongst others.

  • Electric vehicle

    Action plan that will lead THERMOLYMPIC and AITIIP TECHNOLOGY CENTRE to become reference in the development and production of the electric vehicle, thanks to the implementation of new equipment, materials development (weight reduction and use of renewable materials) and advanced manufacturing technologies, all in the frame of Industry 4.0.


    INN-PRESSME: Open INNovation ecosystem for sustainable Plant-based nano-enabled biomateRials deploymEnt for packaging, tranSport and conSuMEr goods.

  • Mandala

    The transition of MultilAyer/multipolymer packagiNg into more sustainable multilayer/single polymer products for the fooD and phArma sectors through the deveLopment of innovative functional Adhesives.

  • Now available the HELACS brochure!

    You can now download the official HELACS project brochure. A project comes to transform the dismantling process of the aircraft of the future. HELACS employs novel robotics to recycle composite materials of large components. The HELACS process is based on the application of high water pressure that will selectively chop the thermoset parts into a dimension suitable for recycling. In addition, the pyrolysis process is used for the carbonization of the thermoset matrix to reuse the carbon fibers that overcome this chemical decomposition.

  • Polynspire

    Demonstration of Innovative Technologies towards a more Efficient and Sustainable Plastic Recycling.


    Worker-Centric Programing Tools for free Designing of Lightweight Aluminium-Based Products.

  • The Funguschain project in a magazine specialized in plastics

    El proyecto Funguschain en el que participa AITIIP y otras entidades españolas acapara la atención de la revista especializada "Plásticos y Caucho".


    Improving recyclability of thermoset composite materials through a greener recycling technology based on reversible biobased bonding materials.

  • Zaragoza is about to become one of the first cities to recycle 100% of its urban waste

    REDOL, a project financed by the European Union with 17 million euros, will turn Zaragoza into a climate-neutral city by 2030, with the development of a set of technologies that will optimize the collection, sorting and classification of 140,000 tons of solid urban waste per year.