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S3: Safe, smart and sustainable plastics

Plastic is a valuable commodity that increase our quality of life. Plastic help us to increase vegetables shelf life, plastic contains liquids and medicines. Plastics in workers helmets keep them safe. Plastics in portable electronic devices let us access the Internet or communicate with family and friends on the go.

S3: Safe, smart and sustainable plastics

Plastics have a range of unique properties: they can be used at a very wide range of temperatures, are chemical- and light-resistant and they are very strong and tough, but can be easily worked as a hot melt.

Nowadays plastics are not a mere container. Today plastics are eco-friendly or made of renewable resources, today plastics are intelligent and adapt themselves to different situations and environments.

In order to re-think and re-consider this key material, Plastipolis and Aitiip Technology Center organise the second edition of S3: Smart, Safe and Sustainable plastic congress.

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