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Advanced quality bearings for extreme conditions.

Programa: RETOS COLABORACIÓN 2016 - Reto 4 (Transporte inteligente, sostenible e integrado).

Exp: RTC-2016-5799-4

Duración: 36 meses, Febrero 2016 - Marzo 2019

Coordinador: Fersa Bearings

Más información:

HiEfBE project objective is the development of new advanced bearings with high efficiency that are able to work in extreme conditions of temperature (-45 ° C to 180 ° C).

The project is aligned with Challenge 4 (Intelligent, Sustainable and Integrated Transport) by developing and incorporating nanotechnology for the application of new advanced materials in the construction of vehicles that allow a more efficient and clean transportation by the improvement of the performance by reducing the losses related to the friction of moving parts.