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Reforzar la excelencia científica y la capacidad de innovación en tecnologías de procesado de polímeros.

Programme: HORIZON-CSA

Duration: 1 enero 2023 – 31 diciembre 2025


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Annual global consumption of plastics is expected to increase from the current 368 million tons (2019) to 1.1 billion tons in 2050. However, this growth also poses some dangers, such as increasing amounts of plastic waste and rising CO2 emissions. One of the ways to tackle these problems is to manufacture more durable products and use processing technologies that generate less waste. The IPPT_TWINN project addresses both approaches, since it is possible to manufacture more durable products through a better understanding of processing methods and to reduce waste by applying new technologies and optimizing waste management.

The main objective of IPPT_TWINN is to increase knowledge of polymer processing at the FTPO by providing specific training to researchers in this field. The proposed joint research work will improve the research excellence and innovation capacity of FTPO researchers, which will result in more scientific publications in high impact journals. This will make the FTPO more attractive as a partner also to other research and educational institutions. Industry representatives will also be invited to the events organized, which will increase the visibility of all partners in the business sector and strengthen cooperation.

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