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Disruptive helicopter of the future.

Programme: CDTI/PTA

Duration: 03-10-2022 - 31/12/2025 - 36 months

Partners: AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ESPAÑA SAU (AHE) Aciturri-Alestis; Mecanizados Vitoria, IDEC, MTorres

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Place of project execution: Madrid/Albacete/Sevilla/Vitoria/Valencia/Murcia/Valladolid/Pamplona/Zaragoza.

Project budget: Total: 8.434.867,00 €, AHE: 2.800.486,00 €.

CDTI/PTA subsidy of the project: Total: 4.715.286,58 € AHE: 1.368.480,10 €.

Airbus Helicopters Spain will research and carry out within the LIDER project activities for four technological packages, all of them focused on improving the efficiency, sustainability and decarbonization of four essential elements for the future Airbus helicopter range.

  • ALDI - Disruptive and efficient wing
  • ERES - Efficient and Sustainable Horizontal Stabilizer
  • BUS - Sustainable bumper
  • CES - Efficient and sustainable aerodynamic fairings.

The objective is to contribute to make rotary wing aircraft more efficient and fuel efficient by incorporating disruptive and aerodynamically efficient designs and architectures, recyclable materials and more efficient manufacturing processes with less environmental impact.

Code PTAG-20221005