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Innovative fully biodegradable mulching films & fruit protection bags for sustainable agricultural practices. 


Program: LIFE+ 2014 ENV/ES/000486

Duration: 39 months, September 2015 - December 2018

Coordinator: Carolina Peñalva, Aitiip Technology Center

More information: www.multibiosol.eu

Plastic has become fundamental in agriculture. As an example, the total consumption of plastic films for agriculture purposes in Europe exceeded 500.000 metric tons in 2013. This material have different applications in agriculture. As an example, it can be used for mulching, avoiding soil evaporation and growth of weeds. It also can be used to fabricate bags for fruits, which protect them from insects and larvae. But the problem is that this plastic it is not usually recycled, what provokes an environmental damage as it is usually burned or buried. 

To tackle this technological and environmental challenge a consortium of well experienced entities is coordinated by Aitiip in the frame of Multibiosol project.

The project, led by Aitiip Technological Centre, is developing a new bioplastic film made from renewable raw materials that are not petro-based and do not compete in food markets. Moreover, this film is biodegradable, avoiding waste management or environmental damage.

Bioplastic bag
Bioplastic bag

Another enhanced feature is that this film will contribute to improve the quality of the soil, as it incorporates oligo elements that will be transferred to the soil afterwards. Other element is the production of bag for cover the fruits, and also the clips that will close them.

"This mulching, once the plant or fruit is harvested, it is not necessary to remove it. The same is degraded in the soil and also provides trace elements improving land quality. It is easy, ecological and useful" says Dr. Carolina Peñalva (Aitiip RD Department and Multibiosol project coordinator).

The partnership

Aitiip Technological Centre led this project, which have 7 partners in total from 4 different countries. Aitiip is in charge of the fabrication, as it have years of experience in working with plastics and bioplastics. Other partners participating are FACA, the aragonese agribusiness cooperative federation; PCTAD, a Spanish private research entity; CSIC, the Spanish national research agency; TRANSFER; the well-known Italian Laboratori Analisi e Ricerche in Chimica Applicata (ARCHA) and the Belgium company GroenCreatie.

Bioplastic film
Bioplastic film