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A new injection machine Krauss Maffei CX 350-2000 is available for our customers

In Aitiip, we are always updating our resources and productivity means to offer state of the art techcnology to you. The last one, we have incorporated is a Krauss Maffei CX 350-2000 injection machine.

This machine, Made in Germany, has a clamping force of 350kN. It is characterized by its two-plate technology and optimal accessibility, together with an extremely compact design.

Special equipment of the machine

Blue BOX technology system

This machine has a remote management system controlled from the entity's own network and even from an APP (BlueboX technology) by different users.

In this way, in a safe circuit, an efficient work can be achieved, modifying online the parameters of the process and the machine, as well as remotely, being able to visualize 24/7 the state of the tests and the production.

Injection module compression

This machine incorporates the module for compression injection, both positive and negative (Core Back technology). This equipment allow us to obtain pieces with minimal residual stresses. It is also especially oriented to injection with chemical foam and / or supercritical fluids.

System of control of parallelism of plates during the process.

This system allows to vary the closing force in each of the corners of the plates, always controlling the parallelism of the fixed and mobile plates.

Lenzkes clamping System

It is a manual system for embedding molds, with high speed and high reliability.


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