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Aitiip highlights the positive impact of technology centers on the economy at the 2023 edition of Transfiere

Aitiip has participated in the round table "Analysis of data and studies of social, technological and economic impact of technology centers in the 2023 edition of Transfiere. A meeting of debate organized by the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (FEDIT) with the participation of representatives of the different members of the Federation. A meeting in which the current industrial and economic ecosystem has been x-rayed, and in which innovation has been highlighted as main driver of progress.

Job creation, collaboration between companies, training, creation of startups. These are some of the keys to the work of the technology centers, which seal their commitment, every year, with the future. In this sense, the executive director of FEDIT, Áureo Díaz-Carrasco, stressed to the audience "the differential value of the Technology Centers", which is nothing more than "the dragging effect they achieve in companies: for example, in the H2020 program the data say that we capture 11% of the funds, but analyzing them more in depth, they offer us a very revealing version: they say that when there are Technology Centers in the projects, the industrial participation is 36%, while when there are no Centers this figure drops to 26%".

The research director of Aitiip, Berta Gonzalvo, has referred to the generation of knowledge and technology as axes on which the activity of technology centers is based, directly affecting "people and employment", Thus, each job generated in a technology center creates "four more in other parts of the economy". Currently, 8,700 people work in Technology Centers, of which 6,000 are researchers and 1,300 PhDs. "Highly qualified employment and in line with the integration of women, since 38% is female employment", said Gonzalvo. The annual growth of employment in Fedit Centers is 10 to 20%.

To conclude, Gonzalvo gave the example of AITIIP: "In collaboration with other agents in a single project related to technological recycling material, developed in Teruel, we have managed to create 1,600 jobs in an isolated territory between 2020 and 2025".

This year, Aitiip has also joined the exhibition held within the framework of Transfiere, and has showcased some of its most relevant innovations in a corner of the FEDIT stand.

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