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Aitiip, involved in the design of an advanced robotic platform for industrial environments

Modern industrial robotic systems are getting smarter. More flexible. But also more complex, due to their large-scale applicability. This makes their implementation also more complex especially for small operators. Within the framework of the ACROBA project, in which Aitiip is involved together with 16 other European partners, a novel concept of cognitive robotic platforms is being developed, based on a modular approach that will be able to be replicated in any industrial scenario. This system will make it possible to optimize timmings and resources.

Plataforma robótica ACROBA

Harnessing artificial intelligence, and following the principles of agile and light out manufacturing, ACROBA consortium members are immersed in the design of this innovative ecosystem that will enable a rapid deployment of advanced robotic solutions in production lines. Aiitip is leading the development of the dummy tool, designed to improve robot programming processes from now on, stimulating, for example, the programming of robots by low-skilled operators, bringing cutting, polishing or welding robots closer to a majority population.

Plataforma robótica ACROBA

Thanks to the incorporation of software modules developed by the SIGMA partner that will provide the systems with a series of generic skills, the execution of automated robotic processes in specific production environments will be improved. For example, the ability to perceive, or the refinement of traceability. The operator will mark in space, dummy tool in hand, the route to be followed by the robot, which, after an optimization process, will then reproduce the movement without the need for human assistance. In addition, Aitiip is planning the development of a concrete work scenario for the customization of the cutting of large plastic parts, which will expand the applicability of ACROBA's system.

ACROBA's novel platform will use artificial intelligence and cognitive modules, endowing itself with a decentralized structure based on ROS nodes to enhance its modularity. A platform that will definitely serve as a cost-effective solution for a wide range of industrial sectors, both within the consortium and in additional industrial sectors to be addressed in the future.

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