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Aitiip, new member of the Aeronautics Cluster of Aragon

Aitiip Technology Center concentrates a wide experience and knowledge in the field of aeronautical innovation. Its team of experts in engineering and development of advanced materials leads multiple European projects to provide technological support to the aviation industry, in full green transition. In this sense, Aitiip coordinates circular initiatives in the field of recycling and recovery of composite materials, which aim to revolutionize the future of aeronautics. The center began its commitment to the aeronautical sector more than a decade ago, in 2009, materializing in a training in knowledge, infrastructure and certifications to meet the needs of companies in the sector. Today, as Aitiip's research director, Berta Gonzalvo, explains, "we are leading pioneering research with international impact that will enable employment and contributions to the region's economic growth".

Aitiip, nuevo miembro del Clúster de Aeronáutica de Aragón

With the aim of strengthening technology transfer, sustainability, digitization and competitiveness of the sector, the Technology Center and AERA, Aeronautics and Aerospace Cluster of Aragon, have sealed their commitment to innovation by joining forces, formalizing the adhesion of Aitiip as a new member of the association, to which dozens of cohesive agents in the region already belong (companies, institutions, R&D centers, among others).

Aragon is already a reference in the aeronautical sector and in sustainable mobility. In the words of the cluster president, Alejandro Ibrahim, the firm commitment to progress puts the Aragonese territory "at the forefront of the new challenges of the global industry, in the development of drones, rockets, airships, space aircrafts or recycling technologies". These are lines of research that, as the manager of AERA, Inés Villa, assures, "are championed by partners such as Aitiip, adopting them as strategic axes", and that, undoubtedly, "pave the way for Aragon towards the leadership of new projects, for the recovery and economic transformation inside and outside our borders".

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