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Aitiip organises an "Open Day" to show the industry how to use the "Dummy Tool"

On 19 July, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, Aitiip Technology Centre is organising a technical course at its facilities on how to use the "Dummy Tool", developed by the centre's team of engineers. It will be three hours of training, in which operators will be able to learn about this innovative agile production system, which will revolutionise industrial robotic production and programming in the future.

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Open Day

In this Open Day, participants will approach the interesting world of industrial robotics, immersing themselves in its possibilities, challenges and aspirations.

In addition, they will have the opportunity to learn the basics of classical robot programming through teaching, while discovering the tools that will open their eyes to the future (such as the revolutionary Dummy Tools®).

In order to fully understand these lessons, the Aitiip programme provides an overview of the meaning of the "6 degrees of freedom coordinate system", as well as an in-depth look at how a robot works: what its movement is based on, or the optimal way to program it.

Aitiip organiza un “Open Day” para mostrar a la industria el manejo de la “Dummy Tool”


  1. What an industrial robot is and how it can help us in our production management (By Raúl Sanz)
  2. What is teaching in service robotics and why is it so important (By Iván Monzón)
  3. Dummy Tool: A world of new possibilities (By Alberto Laguía)
  4. Dummy Tool Workshop: Videos about dummy tools and a visit to the workshop

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