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Aitiip says goodbye to its MANDALA project at EMPACK

The MANDALA project, coordinated by Aitiip and in which a dozen European partners have collaborated for more than three years, has come to an end. Within the framework of the project, new bio-based adhesive products and technologies have been developed that will allow the recycling of this type of materials, favouring the circular economy along the entire value chain. Mandala offers a sustainable solution for the multilayer plastic packaging sector.

In the midst of the green transition, new regulations are forcing plastic-related industries and companies to adopt more sustainable production models and develop innovative recycling technology. To promote this change, Aitiip Technology Centre, together with the Food + i Cluster,, organised the final event of MANDALA "The future of multilayer packaging" at the EMPACK packaging fair (IFEMA Madrid).

It was a meeting that brought together the main agents of the entire value chain, from the production of materials to their industrial validation, and which will address the challenges and opportunities facing strategic industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. A space for debate and knowledge transfer, where experts and attendees were able to exchange experiences and visions on the present and future of the packaging market.


During the final conference, the different partners of the Consortium made public the results of MANDALA, and its developments. A series of sustainable multilayer packaging for the food and pharmaceutical sector based on three pillars: reversible adhesives that make recycling possible; eco-design to minimise environmental impact throughout the life cycle; and end-of-life analysis in different scenarios.

At the end of the event, a networking session was held to encourage the creation of new collaborations and synergies.

Spain continues to move towards a greener and more sustainable economy. In addition to the measures already in place regarding plastics, two new regulations have come into force this year: "The Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil" and the "Royal Decree on Packaging and Packaging Waste".


This situation particularly affects the food and pharmaceutical sectors, which use multilayer materials in their packaging. Multilayer packaging is made of different materials that provide excellent barrier properties, mechanical strength and storage stability. However, due to their complexity, these materials cannot be recycled and end up in landfill or incineration. Thus, there is still a gap between industry need and new environmental legislation. Innovation must be the bridge between the two.


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