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Aitiip showcases its latest developments at Transfiere 2024

Once again, Aitiip Technology Center has participated in the Transfiere fair, as a member of the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (FEDIT). Transfiere is one of those unavoidable appointments for innovation. An ideal place to establish contacts, create synergies and a perfect showcase to show the latest advances in products or services.


In this edition, Aitiip has shown some of its most cutting-edge developments in R+D+i, within the field of advanced materials or biomaterials inherently recyclable that will make up the next generation of sustainable products, as well as recycling technologies of large composite structures, which can be found in aircraft or wind turbines, which is the main line of research within the proyecto EoLO-HUBS project.

In addition, Aitiip has presented the flange-wheel, developed within the framework of the INN-PAEK project: a thermoplastic part of complex geometry, manufactured for the cooling system of an aircraft.

The Technology Centers participate in Transfiere with a clear objective: the transfer of knowledge, ensuring a positive impact on the business fabric to make it more competitive and innovative.

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