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BARBARA Project, nominated in the Printing Industry Awards as best research team of 2021

BARBARA’s project spark, coordinated by AITIIP, is still shinning among scientific and industrial community. BARBARA is, once again, nominated for an international award. On this occasion, to rise as the best research team of 2021 in the 3D Printing Industry Awards..


Readers from the 3D printing industry have been invited to choose their nominees from among ¡70,000 initiatives! Now it is the public voting time, on the awards website. According to the latest information, more than 100,000 votes have already been received in just a couple of days.

The resolution of winners will be effective on October 21. The organization of the awards has confirmed that the gala will be broadcast on its YouTube channel

Within the BARBARA project, new bio-based materials with innovative functionalities were developed through the manufacture of fused filaments (3D printing). Food waste and agricultural by-products, including lemon or pomegranate peels, were used to purify pigments, fragrances, reinforcing agents or biocidal compounds, which will be incorporated into engineering bioplastics derived from the corn processing industries.

These new materials were transformed into prototypes with customized properties (mechanical and thermal resistance, surface appearance or color, fragrance release or self-disinfecting surfaces) to be validated for use in two highly demanding sectors such as construction and automotive.

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