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In today’s competitive environment packaging has to do a great deal more than simply protect. New active and intelligent technologies hold out the promise of extended shelf life, improved product and brand security, and a more positive consumer experience.

The Smart Packaging 2016 conference, organised by AMI, bring together brand owners, retailers, packaging producers, plastics and additive suppliers, active and intelligent technology developers, and processing machinery experts to explore the full range of available and emerging technologies.

In this frame, Berta Gonzalvo (Aitiip Research Manager) will participate in Session 8 roundtable "A SMART AND SUSTAINABLE FUTURE" with a lecture about "Development of biodegradable and multifunctional packages by nanotechnology: improvement of structural and barrier properties, smart features and sustainability", where she will present Aitiip research and development outcomes. The conference will take place on Wednesday, 21st of September.

More information about the conference in the following website: http://www.amiplastics.com/events/event?Code=C776


Smart Packaging 2016


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