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The Aitiip Technology Centre researcher and technical director of the European project Dibbiopack presented the results of this European project in Brussels on Tuesday 26 January. It was at the international conference "Packaged. The 5th Global Summit" held on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 January in Brussels. This conference brought together over 100 professionals from the packaging industry to discuss on packaging innovations in the context of circular economy, eco-design and waste reduction and sustainability.

Among the most prominent participants were Ulrike Sapiro, Director of Sustainability at Coca-Cola, Julio Garcia-Burgues, Head of the Management Unit and recycling waste from the European Commission, Kevin Vyse, Innovation Director in packaging of food products in Marks & Spencer, as well as representatives of Nestle, Kraft, Heineken or Decathlon.

In the conference, entitled “DIBBIOPACK: a 4-Year Research Project focused on smart and functional biobased packaging” Víctor Peinado talked about biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, biodegradable film with antimicrobial properties and packaging sensors. He also showed some real examples of bottles obtained through the project.

For more information on this project you can already register for the Dibbiopack final conference, when the final results thereof are shown. This event will be held in Zaragoza on 24 February.

More information on the project website: http://www.dibbiopack.eu/final-event.html
Packaged. The 5th Global Summit

Photo: ‏@PackagingNet “Roland Ten Klooster's session on packaging design - the content behind the 1st impression”

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