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Víctor Peinado have been invited to participate in the VI International Congress on Own Checks and Food Safety in the roundtable “Packaging materials”. His lectures will be focused on the result of Dibbiopack project results, recently closed and coordinated by Aitiip.

His speech “Dibbiopack: active & smart bioplastic packaging for dairy products, cosmetic and pharma sector” will take place today, at 16.45h in Europe Congress Palace, located in Vitoria.

Intelligent packaging

Intelligent and active packaging is one of the RD lines for Aitiip. While Dibbiopack project focused on small packaging, Freshbox project is focusing in big packaging. Aitiip contributes to this project by designing a new container that adapts its permeability through the design and installation of membranes at the rate of vegetables respiration. Moreover design incorporates active substances as well as sensors that help fruits and vegetables elongate their shelf life.

The congress

The Congress is already into its sixth edition.It is organised by the Department of Health of the Basque Government and sponsored, among others, by the Town Hall of the city. It is expected to have over 400 persons attending and the participation of the greatest international experts on Food Safety. The focus will be on food safety, healthy and sustainable food, with new targets for this sixth edition which will focus on improving communication to citizens, communication of risks, claiming the role of experts on food safety in transmitting true information to citizens, and the transparency of the administration in the presentation of their control results. 

Dr. Peinado

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