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Dummy Tool: A revolutionary approach to simplify robot programming in challenging environments

Aitiip Technology Centre is at the forefront of advanced robotics and the development of innovative precision cognitive systems, with a dedicated focus on enhancing automation in industrial production environments. Within this spectrum, the Advanced Processes, Robotics, and Mechatronics team at Aitiip have unveiled the Dummy Tool—an ergonomic marvel designed to revolutionize robotic programming and foster human-robot collaboration, particularly within heavy mechanical industries.

Dummy Tools

The primary goal of the Dummy Tool is to facilitate robot programming for operators through imitation, capitalizing on the strengths of automation while cherishing the expertise accumulated by workers over years of experience. This intuitive tool empowers operators to program robots effortlessly without requiring specialized knowledge. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the Dummy Tool fits comfortably in the operator's hand, allowing them to effortlessly capture spatial trajectories within the workspace in six degrees of freedom.

As operators follow the intended robot path, a simple switch press activates a real-time camera system, recording visual information for the specific segment. This information is then transformed into 6D coordinates and transmitted directly to the robot, enabling it to replicate the movements traced by the operator's gestures. Not only does this innovative system optimize manufacturing time and precision by 50%, but it also mitigates risks faced by workers during physically demanding industrial operations like cutting or welding, where exposure to harmful light levels is a concern.

The versatility of this system extends to any manufacturing process, offering a simple, intuitive, and fast approach to robot programming—unlike current systems that demand high expertise in electronics, robotics, and programming. Its applicability is particularly valuable for collaborative efforts in performing dangerous, unhealthy, or complex tasks, including welding, cutting hazardous materials, or precision manipulations and assemblies. In such scenarios, the operator guides the robot in a secure environment before execution, ensuring safety during the actual task in the real environment.

The development of the Dummy Tool incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning and additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes. Additionally, the system features an artificial intelligence (AI) layer that refines captured trajectories, adapting them to the geometry of the workpieces. Simultaneously, it smoothens the trajectory, eliminating noise and disturbances induced by the operator. This harmonious blend of human and artificial intelligence optimally utilizes the strengths of both—human experience, logic, and expertise alongside machine precision and repeatability.

Dummy Tools

Beyond its technological prowess, this industrial alternative not only preserves jobs but adds significant value while promoting social equality by mitigating exposure to hostile and challenging environments for workers. The Dummy Tool represents a groundbreaking stride towards a safer, more efficient, and collaborative future in industrial automation.

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