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Smart RTM & ALM Technologies for Hybrid Laminar Wing: The HERON Project Brouchure

The HERON project Brouchure is now available. You can now download the official brouchure, where you can carefully read the project objectives and their positive impact on the environment.

Folleto Heron

The overall objective of HERON is to develop and manufacture a comprehensive set of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable tooling for RTM processes as well as the use of high deposition rate ALM technologies, aiming at improving the energy and resource efficiency of the manufacturing of a leading edge and trailing edge for integration on aeronautical demonstrator.

The project concept will address 100% tooling needed in the RTM and ALM processes, both for manufacturing and validating purposes, leading to a reduction of CO2 equivalent emission by up 30% linked to the Clean Sky 2 Programme High-level Objectives.



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