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In search of biobased and biodegradable products for agriculture

On July 17th AGROBIOSOL Supraregional Operative Group meeting has been celebrated. AGROBIOSIOL "Improving the Quality of Fruits and Vegetables through Sustainable Production using Biobased and Biodegradable Materials". This group is coordinated by EEAD-CSIC and besides Aitiip, other partners participating are Aula Dei Technological Science Park (PCTAD), Agrifood Research and Technology Center of Aragón (CITA), the Federation of Agrifood Producers Associations from Aragón (CAA), the Federation of Agrifood Producers Associatoins from Catalunya (FCAC) and Anecoop.


The meeting addressed the common challenge of horticultural production and the use of plastics in different agricultural practices. Therefore all partners agreed to look for environmentally sustainable alternatives aimed at the prevention of this waste and to improve agricultural practices, following European guidelines in this matter.

AGROBIOSOL Supraregional Operative Group meeting

Within this group a solution for a national problem will arise combining innovation and production capacities of the following Spanish regions: Aragón, Cataluña and Comunidad Valenciana. The participating partners belong to the aforementioned regions, but also some of them develop their actions at national level, as is the case of ANECOOP that has different facilities and plantation areas in Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia region. In addition, as collaborator Food + I cluster is involved, which integrates members of the agrifood sector of different regions, and finally Cardona and Celma company which advises on the topics of fruit and vegetable production to different farmers in Aragon.

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