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Industrial operators discover the strategic functionality of the Dummy Tool

Industry is constantly evolving. To achieve a real adaptation to the new production requirements, it is almost mandatory to bet on innovation. In Aitiip Technology Centre, its team of engineers has developed a new tool called "Dummy Tool", which could revolutionise industrial production and robotic programming in the future.


This tool, based on the concept of "agile production", has been shown to different industrial representatives in an Open Day organised by Aititiip. During the session, participants have approached the interesting universe of industrial robotics, immersing themselves in its possibilities, challenges and applications, knowing first-hand the high functionalities offered by tools such as the Dummy Tool.


The team of engineers from Aitiip, creators of the tool, have reviewed the basic notions of teaching and robotic programming, giving great prominence to the system of coordinates in "six degrees of freedom" with which workers operate when handling the Dummy Tool. The operator, with Dummy Tool in hand, uses his movements to demarcate the route that the robot should follow, and once the robot has captured the trajectory - which also involves the work of a group of sensors and cameras - it repeats it with a high degree of autonomy and precision.

During the Open Day, the participants, in addition to attending an intensive theoretical session, had the opportunity to visit the technology centre's facilities.

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