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Industry meets at Aitiip the "Markforged X7" 3D printer

Dozens of representatives from the advanced manufacturing industry participated in the Roadshow that Markforged organised at Aitiip Technology Centre, together with Sicnova. Zaragoza was one of the star stops on the US manufacturer's tour of Spain to present the latest in 3D printing: the Markforged X7. One of the most powerful printing machines on the market and which also forms part of the technical capabilities of Aitip Technology Centre.

During the day, attendees were able to witness the operation of the X7 live, and see in an exhibition a wide portfolio of multifunctional parts developed with this new high-performance industrial printer, capable of working with continuous fibre, streamlining its quality control process using Blacksmith software.

After the lectures sessions led by industry experts from Markforged, Aitiip and Sicnova, participants and representatives of the three companies had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences about the sector, during a cocktail-networking hosted by Aitiip's Innovation Hub. The day concluded with a tour around Aitiip’s facilities, specialized in advanced manufacturing.

Aitiip is a leader in digitisation, industry 4.0, product design and engineering, simulation, 3D printing (being a European and international reference), design and manufacture of tooling, as well as in plastic transformation processes and industrialisation of products for all industrial sectors.

Aitiip has been designing and 3D printing for 22 years. With more than two decades of experience, Aitiip has become a pioneer and European reference in industrial 3D printing technologies and materials to develop products and functional solutions in a wide range of plastic, metallic, composite and ceramic materials.

The technology centre has the capacity to design and produce parts with dimensions of up to approximately 1m3, in printing technologies (with resolutions of up to 16 microns). Aitiip can also manufacture large parts and tooling (up to 5 x 6 x 20 metres) in its pilot plant, using in-house developed additive and subtractive technology.

Aitiip has incorporated advanced manufacturing as a strategic industrial process, housing in its facilities one of the largest and most precise multi-technology and multi-material 3D printers in the world, developed in-house, capable of creating large parts for key sectors such as aeronautics and the automotive industry. In this sense, Aitiip - extensively equipped with SLS, SLM, Polijet, FDM, FFF, WAAM, BinderJetting or metal spraying technologies - combines the necessary technical capabilities to carry out metal, plastic (thermoplastic and resin) or ceramic printing, and has strengthened its position in the development of new materials. Thanks to its technological capabilities in the field of 3D printing, Aitiip has formed, together with three other national R&D centres, the first Network of Excellence in Additive Manufacturing (READI, framed in the Cervera Programme), with the aim of promoting the incorporation of these technologies in the production processes of the industry of the present and the future.

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