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INN-PAEK and the transition from metal to thermoplastics in aviation

During 2022, a European project Inn-Paek coordinated by Aitiip, has made progress in its research. In the latest stages, Inn-paek has focused on transforming aircraft parts, hitherto metallic, to manufacture them in thermoplastic.

This will lighten the weight of the aircraft and reduce its carbon footprint, making greener aviation possible. The Aitiip team is working on two revolutionary technologies: removable inserts, which will make it possible to manufacture complex geometries, and, on the other hand, over-injection of different parts, such as PEAK material on PEAK.

Inn-Paek is a cutting-edge project that aims to contribute to the digital and green transformation of the aeronautical industry. The paradigm shift in aviation is one of the main objectives of the European Clean Sky 2 program and now Clean Aviation, to which INN-PAEK belongs. Its ultimate goal is to integrate new advanced materials in aircraft manufacturing and, in this case, Aitiip uses thermoplastics to help eliminate unsustainable aeronautical parts in the future. The goal is to enable a greener Europe and a greener world by promoting innovative technologies, such as those being developed within the INN-PAEK project.

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