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Imagine a robot with the ability to perform a whole range of common manufacturing operations from milling and drilling to polishing and painting, on parts in excess of 10 metres, achieving the type of accuracies normally associated only with smaller components.

Imagine it could work in a 20 x 6 x 5 metre space, and still leave the workshop floor 100% clear. Imagine that it already exists.

This session introduces MEGAROB, the flexible high-precision manufacturing platform that uses standard industrial robots and an overhead crane system to achieve all this. Megarob is the result of a FP7 project, coordinated by Aitiip.

The conference will be pronounced by Dr. Jose Antonio Dieste, Head of Mechatronics and Advanced Processes in AITIIP Technological Center (Spain) and PhD in Mechanical Engineering in the University of Zaragoza.

It will take place in June 15th, 8.00 to 9.00 in Anaheim during Hexagon Live World Conference.

The HxGN LIVE international conference brings together Hexagon’s businesses, customers and partners to exchange ideas, get inspired and explore solutions that are shaping the way factories of the futures and live are changing.

HxGN LIVE highlights the latest trends in geospatial and industrial enterprise information technologies, and fosters discussion, ideas and solutions towards creating a better, smarter world.

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Megarob 7DoF intelligent robot for the Factories of the Future tomorrow in HexagonLive (Anaheim, USA)


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