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Boosting advanced bio-plastics in the agriculture sector

Multibiosol project final conference

May 29th 2019, Zaragoza

A conference entitled “Boosting advanced bio-plastic in the agriculture sector” will take place in Zaragoza (Spain) on May 29th. This conference will present results from the LIFE project Multibiosol , which has developed advanced bio-plastics to be used as mulching and fruit bags in the agricultural sector.

These bio-plastics, manufactured in Zaragoza, have been installed in different cultivation fields in Aragón (Spain), Kruishoutem (Belgium) and Calès (France). At this stage with results available, the project has demonstrated that the bio-plastics are economically viable, environmentally sustainable and add value to crop production.

Proyecto Multibiosol

In addition, other initiatives in the fields of plastic manufacturing and management will be showcased at the conference, demonstrating how this valuable material can be used efficiently and sustainably.

For over half a century, farmers have been using plastic materials in agriculture, also known as agrofilms. Existing semi-intensive and intensive farming practices require the use of large quantities of mulching film and fruit protection bags (and clips to close them) as they help prevent the growth of weeds, protect crops from insects, regulate soil, create a beneficial micro-climate and retain water and nutrients.

These plastics are now being replaced by advanced bio-plastics, which are biodegradable and enriched with trace elements. Moreover, Multibiosol bio-plastics are cost-effective compared to traditional plastics.

Attendance is free but requires registration. Follow this link to register http://multibiosol.eu/en/contact/

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