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Mulching, main character in a conference about agricultural film

Over the past 60 years, plastic film for silage, mulch and greenhouse applications contributed greatly to increasing agricultural output and productivity. Plastic films have been prominent in the horticultural industry, and in improving silage quality, helping to increase milk yields. They have also been extending the growing season with protective mulch and greenhouse films.

Our contribution to the agricultural film industry has been developed in the framework of the Multibiosol project, in which we have developed a biobased, biodegradable and advanced mulching. 

Mmultibiosol mulching

Today Dr. Carolina Peñalva, Manager of Packaging Area, is attending “Agricultural Film 2017”, where she is contributing with a conference entitled “Innovative fully biodegradable mulching films and fruit protection bags for sustainable agricultural practices”.

Agricultural Film 2017 is an international conference which present research and solutions for the problems of protected agriculture. Cutting-edge speakers provide insights and trends in raw materials and film extrusion creating the next generation agricultural films, while optimising cost structure during the product life cycle. The forum gathers agricultural film specifiers, researchers, film producers and the rest of the supply chain and provides a forum to network with professionals in this challenging industry.

If you want to know more see this video:

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