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Video summary of the technical seminar about bioplastics in agriculture

On July 5th, at the experimental CSIC Aula Dei (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas) field in Zaragoza, 40 people from around Spain took part in a seminar and two field visits to witness firsthand how the 100% biodegradable agricultural film fared in an environment exposed to the elements.

One example is "the peach bag, which is microperforated and has a white coloration to help the coloration, is biodegradable and leaves no residue on the floor" explained PhD. Carolina Peñalva, Responsible for the Packaging and Packaging Area of Aitiip and coordinator of the project.

This seminar was organized in the framework of the Multibiosol project, a project coordinated by Aitiip, whose objective is the development of advanced biobased plastics for use in agriculture.


See more about packaging: http://www.aitiip.com/en/sectors/packaging.html

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