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New training project on 3Dprinting starting today!

We are very proud to announce that today Liliam (LIfelong Learning In Additive Manufacturing) project has been launched in Milan at Politecnico di Milano (project coordinator' facilities). There kick of meeting is being celebrated with other 8 partners.

Liliam Project

The aim of the project is to design an additive manufacturing training course in terms of content, duration, project work, levels and skills of people attending the session. The project will also define the details of the practical organization, such as certified labs, inhouse or remote trainings and virtual training.

LIfelong Learning In Additive Manufacturing

Aitiip is one of the best qualified European entity in industrial 3D printing for plastic parts and tools in (thermoplastic and thermoset), metal (steel), composite (with carbon fiber, glass and kevlar) and ceramics.

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