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Revoluzion project, on live!

The Revoluzion project has just taken off and the media are already echoing this pioneering research, in which Aitiip Centro Tecnológico participates together with Kompuestos, Csic, the University of Granada, the Margarita Salas Biological Research Centre and the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry.

During the conversation with the journalist, the doctor explains, from an informative perspective, how the consortium will recover ancestral genetic structures of enzymes and, through directed evolution, will teach these enzymes to favour the biodegradation and compostability of plastics. A comprehensive solution to an environmental problem that currently leaves shocking figures: more than 500,000 tonnes of end-of-life plastics end up polluting soils, oceans and atmosphere. Revoluzion aims to change not only the industrial paradigm of the future, but also the individual conception of waste management in society as a whole.

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