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SISTERS Project: Innovation to Reduce Food Waste in Europe

To address the issue of food waste in Europe, the SISTERS Project is currently in its final validation and industrial scaling phase. Funded by the European Union, this project is developing innovative solutions targeted at every stage of the agri-food value chain. Its goal is to systematically reduce food loss, waste, and associated CO2 emissions.

Smart Solutions for Waste Reduction

One of the key solutions within the SISTERS Project is the development of smart food containers. These containers are designed to ensure optimal conditions for products and minimize food losses during transportation and storage. There are two main types of containers:

  • Bulkboxes: These containers are used for transporting bulk food items. Advanced sensors monitor the environment in which the food is stored, including parameters such as temperature, humidity, and gas composition.
  • Storeboxes: Intended for packaged food transportation, Storeboxes also feature sensors to ensure optimal preservation and food safety, similar to Bulkboxes.

Bulkbox lids with 3D parts designed and manufactured in AitiipP

Bulkbox lids with 3D parts designed and manufactured in Aitiip

Advanced Sensors and IoT Technology

The design of the prototypes for these containers includes a sensor housing unit. This unit accurately measures environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. The information collected is stored in the cloud, allowing stakeholders in the value chain to access real-time data.

Results and Next Steps

So far, the system has been validated with mushrooms, peppers, and fresh spinach. Currently, experiments are being conducted with strawberries. The SISTERS Project aims to reduce food loss and waste by 27.4% and CO2 emissions by approximately 20% in the studied cases.

Reduce food loss and waste

This holistic and technologically advanced approach has the potential to transform how we handle food throughout the entire agri-food value chain. With the SISTERS Project, Europe is taking significant steps toward a more sustainable and efficient future in food resource management.

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