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The Spanish Ministre for Science, Innovation and Universities inagurate an exposition in which Aitiip participates with a 3Dprinted motorbike

On the XL anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, the Congress of Deputies and the Senate, in collaboration with the General State Administration has organised the celebration of different commemorative actions to transmit to society the economic, business, cultural and social industrialization occurred under the rule of the forty years of life of the Spanish Magna Carta.

Ministro Pedro Duque

Among the organized events it is the exhibition "Science and technology in democracy: 1978 - 2018" which is organized by the CDTI at the National Museum of Science and Technology and with official opneing on December 4th . In it we participate by providing the electric motorcycle manufactured by 3D printing technology at our facilities. This event has been inaugurated by Pedro Duque, Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities; Ángeles Heras, State Secretary for Science, Innovation and University; Alberto Núñez Feijóo, President of the Regional Governement of Galicia Regional Governement and Xulio Ferreiro, A Coruña City Mayor.

This vehicle, designed and developed jointly with the EUPT BIKES team, was selected by the organization as an example of conjugation of facilitating technologies, advanced materials and the era of digitalization, and will be part of this exhibition together with another twenty samples from other entities.

Ciencia y tecnología en democracia

Electrical motorbike manufactured with 3D printing technologies

Aitiip collaborated with EUPT Bikes team, to design and develop an electrical motorbike which was presented on the MotoStudent IV Electric 2016, which finally won the competition.

Many of the elements of the motorcycle, structural and secondary parts, have been fabricated with 3D plastic material (Ultem 9085), the same material that is used also to fabricate aeronautic and automotive parts, in Aitiip Technology Centre facilities. This is the first motorcycle that has been fabricated with 3D printing technology. The design and the materials of the pieces have allowed engineers unmount the motorcycle fairing in just 11 seconds and to change the batteries in 5 seconds, without turning off the motorcycle.

Moto impresión 3D

Structural parts created within 3D technologies: chassis, swingarm (de 680 x 290 x 205 mm, manufactured in 48 horus) and subchasis. Secondary parts created through 3D printing: footpegs and motorcycle dashboard support, pan motorcycle battery.

The motorcycle obtained several recognitions, as the award to the best design and to the best electric motorcycle. In addition to an innovative design, the motorcycle proved to be highly efficient, which together with the design and materials, together with the team's expertise in the circuit, allowed the fairing to be disassembled in just 11 seconds and the batteries changed in just 5 seconds, keeping the motorcycle on.

This motorcycle manufactured with 3D printing technologies by Aitiip Technological Center is an example of conjugation of key enable technologies, advanced materials and the era of digitalization.

Aitiip Technology Centre

Aitiip is a Spanish Technology Center, a non-profit private foundation whose aim is to help companies overcome their current and future technological challenges in a sustainable way. We do that thanks to our commitment, expertise and human talent through innovation and technology leadership.

Aitiip offers advanced technological services, research, development and technological innovation as well as specialized training for all types of sectors: transport (automotive, aeronautics and rail), packaging and packaging, as well as other industrial applications with high demand in plastic or metal ( household appliances, renewable energies, infrastructures, ...)

Nowadays, Aitiip is a national and European reference technology center, with more than 20 years of knowledge and experience, which provides advanced technological services in the development of plastic materials and multifunctional compounds, product and process engineering, rheological simulation, mold development and hybrid and polytechnic tools, 3D printing (with one of the largest and most innovative pilot and demonstration plants in 3D printing in Europe), plastic transformation processes (injection, blown extrusion ...), and other auxiliary industrialization processes.

By cooperating with the industry, Aitiip researches and develops new materials and efficient processes to innovate towards digitalization and the circular economy generating employment and economic growth for the benefit of Spanish and European society.

The board of the entity is composed by large companies representing various industrial sectors such as Cefa, BSH, Grupo Antolin, Contenur, Faurecia, Miju, SMP, Thermolympic and the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza

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