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Berta Gonzalvo (R&D Director) and Guillermo Vicente (3D printing area responsible) have participated in CEPprint3D conference with a lecture named “Innovative materials: specific requirements and printing strategies”.

CEPprint3D is the first technical conference for 3D printing materials, organised by CEP, the Spanish Cluster of Plastics and Composites in March 8th on Barcelona.

The objective of this conference is to deepen on the knowledge of the materials for 3D printing technologies. In this sense, this is the first conference which is focused on materials, like thermoplastic, thermoset and metallic materials.

In Berta and Guillermo lecture, technology and material selection have been highlighted, as a key issue to solve different challenges presented by different sectors, like automotive, health, energy, agroalimentary. Besides, Aitiip have pointed out in which developments are now the entity involved.




More information https://cep-plasticos.com/cep-print3d/cepprinted.html

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