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We improve our metrology services with a Coord 3D Universal

Coord 3D Universal

Today, monitoring and controlling piece quality is not a necessity but a requirement of any industry which works under the excellence and professionality goals. This is why assuring quality is a must, because the customer expect nothing but what it was under the contract, not a minor failure is allowed. In this sense metrology services have been incorporated to the production value chain.

With the objective of answering the more demanding technical requirements, Aitiip Metrology Department have just installed a new Italian Coord 3D Universal CNC machine.

This coordinate measuring machine is special, first of all, because of its measurement volume, which can be as big as 1500 · 900 · 800mm, allowing a wide range of piece seize.

The excellent precision of the machine is another remarkable characteristic, with a MPE (Maximum Permissible Error) of 0,002mm, as required by ISO 1030600-2 & 106300-4.

Renishaw PH20 probe head

In order to achieve such precision, a probe head of Renishaw have been installed. It has a full turn capacity, no sequential, measuring point by point.

This probe allow programing different measures on line and off line, checking a complete production series, measuring in each part in the same place.

Coord 3D Universal

There are many sectors that require this technology, being mould fabrication one of it. Other sectors like aeronautics and automotive, where final part quality is very important, can also demand this services.

This new equipment increase and update Aitiip technological services. Besides this tool, Aitiip offers two complementary metrology services. In one hand, a portable device, more versatile, with an accuracy of 0,024mm. In the other hand, the technology centre also offer a 3D scanner contactless laser system, for reverse engineering.

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